ArtBizJam Abundance

From the founders of the annual ArtBizJam Conference!




Lori Siebert and Phyllis Dobbs


Both Lori and Phyllis have worked in their own creative art businesses for over 30 years each. After founding their own art business, they each worked in techniques in their own individual styles.  

Lori began her business with her own design firm as a graphic designer, creating branding and print collateral and working on projects for local arts organizations.  Lori's talents led her to having a client list that included Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, Bath & body Works and Target. Target led Lori into the business of art licensing where she has had a successful career creating and licensing product design.

Phyllis' business started with needlework and quilt designing that included writing several books for each method. She used her art background to begin designing fabrics, starting with Hancock Fabrics as a featured designer, then designed for all labels of Cranston Printworks, a major fabric company. Licensing her art for fabrics led her into licensing art for other products and into creating product design for manufacturers.  

Collaboration led to ArtBizJam


Phyllis and Lori teamed to found ArtBizJam, an annual conference to help artists in growing their businesses.  Beginning in 2013, ArtBizJam has provided education for artists, networking opportunities with other artists as well as face-to-face networking and meetings with product developers of major gift and home decor companies.

Starting small, it has been building each year by word of mouth. ArtBizJam has gained an outstanding and well known reputation with artists and product companies in the industries.

ArtBizJam continues to broaden the subject matter it covers to include many opportunities and ideas that help artists in all areas of business.  It is a unique, one-of-a-kind  and well attended annual event overflowing with expert information and inspiration plus lots of networking and friendships made.

And now....ArtBizJam Abundance!


With the success artists have achieved from attending ArtBizJam, we know that many more can achieve this level of success! And there is so much more content that we can provide for artists and other creatives. It takes more than creating art to have a successful business. ArtBizJam Abundance will take you from A to Z in creating a business that is very profitable - the business you work so hard to achieve.

Twice a month you will be given new content from Lori and Phyllis. You will also receive information from guest speakers from various areas of the industry to deliver information specifically designed to enhance your business. Content will be delivered by video, video transcripts, pdf's, bonuses and resources.

We realize that you are busy creating new art and meeting deadlines, so we will not overwhelm you. Our aim is to keep it simple enough that you can complete the stages in an easy “at your own” process.  As long as you are a member, you will have access to the lessons, videos, pdf's and more that you have completed. 


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