ArtBizJam Abundance

A successful art business is more than just creating art!

Learn all you need to know to have a successful, profitable, happy and fun art business! (Yes, you will have fun being successful!)

There is no other class or membership like this! You will learn how to create the business you work so hard to have with both business and creative content provided from the founders of the ArtBizJam annual conference, Phyllis Dobbs and Lori Siebert!

Plus, you will hear straight from product developers and other industry experts - gift, stationery, home decor, garden and textiles - in monthly videos providing valuable information on a variety of topics, including what art they are looking for with their company schedules and how to submit to them.   

You will receive bi-monthly content providing the skills and tools specifically designed to enhance your business. YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THE CONTENT WHEN YOU JOIN SO THAT YOU CAN DETERMINE WHAT YOU NEED IN THE ORDER YOU NEED IT! You will visibly see progress and results that you can measure!

ArtBizJam ABUNDANCE will provide you with content on these topics. Plus you will receive special bonuses - "Words of the Wise" videos - interviews with industry product developers.

Covid-19 - Special Time Sensitive Information:

  • Information to refocus your business based on the trends resulting from the Covid-19 virus and to stay profitable.  Plus Zoom meetings and interviews with product developers on what changes will be created and how it will all affect their individual businesses as well as the way of doing business for artists. You will be able to participate and ask questions.

Setting Up Your Creative Business

  • Goal setting - what you want from your business
  • Creating a business plan to achieve your dream business
  • Keeping up with finances to see your income growth, records for taxes - software and spreadsheets
  • File organization and set-up; setting up a system to keep up with your art, files, submissions, sales and more
  • Technology that you need and how to use it for your business
  • How to deliver files to a client
  • Combining business with a home life
  • Keeping your studio free from stress, distractions and interruptions
  • Time management

Creating Your Art and Brand

  • What makes you unique and stand out from the others
  • Building an art licensing portfolio and how to present it
  • Building an art/creative portfolio for other other art jobs
  • Trend research
  • Creating mood boards
  • Creating a lookbook
  • Creating compelling presentations
  • Creating a good collection or body of work
  • Creating product mockups
  • Developing product concepts
  • Finding clients: licensing, packaging, illustration, children's books and more 
  • Working and building relationships
  • Working with agents and the different types of agents
  • The necessity of trade shows and markets
  • Versatile art styles - pros and cons
  • How to conduct a meeting
  • Pricing for licensing - royalties vs flat fees
  • Protecting yourself and your art
  • Filing for copyrights
  • What to do when your art is used illegally

Effective Promotion

  • The importance of a great website - telling your story
  • Technology and types of websites
  • Overview of Promotion and Having A Plan
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook & Facebook Ads
  • Using YouTube
  • Building a great website
  • Building an email list
  • Landing Pages
  • Networking within communities
  • Social media and how to use it to promote and market your business effectively
  • Tools to help with social media and other online presence
  • Photography tips and tools for using your iPhone
  • How to always be ready for a perfect social media image
  • Photographing your products to sell 
  • Creating and editing video
  • Pitching to magazines and books

Branching Out and Growing

  • In 2020, the members joined with the ArtBizJam conference attendees in frequent Zoom meetings to discuss various art business topics, aids, tutorials and much more that were extremely beneficial with the information discussed.  You will have access to these meetings.
  • Keeping yourself reined in - determine the best for your business 
  • Basics of selling
  • E-commerce and platforms
  • POD's (Product on Demand)
  • Manufacturing with POD resources
  • Pricing your art and products
  • Diversifying your art business
  • Staying Inspired and motivated
  • Getting help or someone to do the basics

Software for Creating and Formatting Art

  • Scanning and Cleaning Art in Photoshop
  • Photoshop tricks and tips
  • Illustrator tricks and tips
  • Why Illustrator is easier than you think
  • Turning your art into repeat patterns
  • Create marketable surface pattern collections
  • How to use apps to create or enhance your art
  • How to deliver your art to a client with technology
  • Reproducing your work
  • Basics of Using Lightroom

 Teaching and creating courses

  • Overview of creating your own classes
  • Technology for online classes


Videos "Words of the Wise", interviews with industry product developers.

  • Frequent interviews with industry product developers

Color and theme trends throughout the membership

Resources to aid implementation

Surprise Bonuses

  • Interviews and Zoom meetings with other art business professionals, creative techniques and much more  


ArtBizJam ABUNDANCE will enhance what you learn with these tools:

  • Challenges: You will be given assignments that are designed to help you grow as an artist along with suggested articles and podcasts that will further your learning.
  • Live Q&A's: Members will be invited to take part in a Q&A each month.  Hear straight from industry experts as they answer your questions and share years of insight and knowledge with the members.
  • Coaching Sessions: Group coaching sessions will be conducted along the way to keep you focused and on the right track.
  • Feedback and surveys: Lori Siebert and Phyllis Dobbs will be regularly communicating with you to give feedback and to gather ideas for additional content you need and desire.  Lessons may be changed or altered to better serve you.
  • Community: Each member of ArtBizJam Abundance will be embraced and surrounded with support and advice on all matters in their art business. You will have a community of kindred artists to network with - whether its advice, support, knowledge, technical information or just someone to talk with who understands your needs as an artist.
  • Multiple learning streams: You will be provided content that you consume in multiple formats - videos, video pdf transcripts, pdf resources, charts and more.


Full access to all Monthly Content Plus Bonuses

Lori Siebert and Phyllis Dobbs provide content plus bonus content by guest speakers is provided throughout in the form of fun art techniques and extra content. All current content is available when you sign up so that you can determine the schedule and topics you need for your business in the order you need them.

Group Meetings with Product Developers

Product developers from giftware and other companies will join Abundance members in a Zoom meeting to discuss their needs as well as provide other valuable information for a successful art business.


Q&A Meetings to Answer Questions and Meet Others

Q&A meetings will be held with the membership via Zoom calls.  This will give members a chance to meet up face to face in addition to our Facebook group. Members will be able to ask questions and chat on topics of interest to them. You will have access to the Zoom meet ups held jointly with the 2020 ArtBizJam conference attendees and Abundance members that include a wealth of information and tutorials.

Abundance Members Say:

These sessions are very honest and helpful in getting into the licensing industry. I just wanted to personally thank you and let you know without ARTBIZJAM to have seasoned my knowledge of the industry it would be so much more difficult without your guidance.

It’s been suggested to me that my art would be a match for a company and to my surprise you had interviewed the product developer for that company...Shelly Bartek


WOW!!!  Fantastic content!!! I am so pleased with the content Abundance is providing!!! The information in the videos about creating art collections and portfolios is fantastic! Now I think I understand!!!  You are very generous to share so much. I am especially excited about pattern design for my collection. Thank you so much...Terri Schmitt


With being in this wonderful group, I am using these forces as encouragement, strength and motivation to begin new productive ways!! It's definitely time for a BIG, and wonderful change in my life!!! Thank you Phyllis and Lori for starting this membership! ... I am loving it!!...Gina Linn Wilder


I just watched several videos and I love them! This is exactly what I needed and the timing is great for my business and goals!...Julie Marr


You both have done a terrific job with Abundance!  I feel like you both are in the studio with me as I paint! I really appreciate the information!...Pam Coxwell


I just love the information and inspiration you both provide! You art fairy Artmothers have been hard at work providing all kinds of learning and inspiration! Thank you both for EVERYTHING!!!...Gena Yarbrough


I love being part of this group - in fact I have 4 artist friends, (we've been meeting once a month for 2-3 years to brainstorm and encourage one another) and we have ALL joined ArtBizJam Abundance and discuss what we're learning in the videos. We are so excited!...Gwendolyn Babbitt

ArtBizJam Abundance is being offered at a low price of $35 a month or save with an annual plan of $350 a year that gives you 2 months free. Your fee will never go up as long as you are a member.
You will have full access to all the content lessons and the resource materials that go with them as long as you are a member.

DON'T WAIT - Get started on creating your successful art business or expanding the business you already have! You won't find this variety of content anywhere else! With the effects of Covid, art businesses need more than one stream of income for the total income you need.

Success Stories from ArtBizJam

Many of the artists who attended the ArtBizJam conference have wonderful success stories from the contacts they made there.

ArtBizJam Conference 2021

The 8th annual ArtBizJam Conference, was held virtually in September 2020 due to Covid.  The 9th annual ArtBizJam will also be held virtually for 2021 - September 15 - 18.

Valuable information will be presented by expert guest speakers who work as product developers for a variety of leading gift, home and stationery companies. These noted product designers will discuss topics that you can apply to enhance your own business. Artists have had so much success from the conferences each year. That success inspired us to create ArtBizJam Abundance to provide even more content to help you with the business side of art. Here, experienced as well as beginning artists and other creatives, can find all they need to build and expand a successful and profitable business.

Working with Product Developers

Working with product developers for major companies, as guest speakers for ArtBizJam Conference and through our own businesses, has generated a wealth of information on how to be successful in creating and designing products. ArtBizJam Abundance will continue to provide information from product developers and other experts through video interviews.


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ArtBizJam Abundance was created based on the success artists have had at the annual ArtBizJam conferences. More in-depth content will be provided to grow your art or creative business into one that is profitable!

You CAN Do It!

YOU can have a successful and profitable art or creative business!

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